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March-May Update * This too shall pass.

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Sending out positive vibrations that heal, nurture, grow and flourish. Our Earth’s energy has the power to send waves that empower, enable and inspire us all. Stay safe…stay energized…and inspire positive waves because this too shall pass.

April | May 2020

Social Distancing & Physical Distancing… are new terms we have had to adapt and learn to live by given the recent COVID-19 situation affecting our world. As an artist, I understand how easy it may be to allow the new behavioural norms of “distancing”, to halt creativity. However, I encourage people to take this time in self isolation to disconnect (from the worry) so you can reconnect with loved ones and the surroundings we’ve maybe taken for granted in the past. Be inspired by the challenge of finding a creative outlet to express yourself through the available means.

With the recent cancellation of several art workshops, I found myself with more time at home. Instead of focusing on the disappointment of that, I chose to redirect my energy towards the creation and completion of this piece. I guess you can call it MY way of expressing how I feel in the current climate we all find ourselves in. I hope this serves as a reminder that we all still have a choice over how we spend our time and energy every day. Focus on the present, find your creative outlets… this too shall pass.

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