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˚˚ The Matriarch ˚˚ *Updated* Sept. 2020

The Matriarch is a vision inspired by the challenge to find an outlet of expression during a time when the world feels forced to be silent. The majestic Elephant in this piece demands attention with its larger than life size, grace and timeless spirit. The Matriarch combines bold words, lines, colours and symbols that provoke emotions, inspire thoughts and grow perspectives.

The Matriarch – Colourful Words of Peace (expression one)

Connect, Share, Hope ,Smile & Love all words of affirmation and positive messages in which the world needs to hear and see right now.

The Matriarch – VIGILANCE (expression two)

Being vigilant has become a much bigger part of our daily lives in the new norm. Whether going outdoors for groceries or simply going into work, our awareness level heightens the moment we step outside of our homes. This creative expression reminds us of the things we have sacrificed in the pursuit of safety. It reminds us of the things taken for granted. It reminds us of a new normal grounded in mindfulness and consideration for each other as we move forward vigilantly.

The Matriarch – “ Let Me Breathe “ (expression three)

The tragic and unfortunate events that continue to happen in many parts of the world as a result of deeply rooted racism and injustice is what inspires this piece. “I can’t breathe” are often the final words spoken by too many Black victims of unthinkable violence and hate. “Let Me Breathe” is my creative expression that addresses the Elephant in the Room. It pays respect and support for the movements that are inspiring a much needed call to action right now. “Let Me Breathe” inspires power through air flow for those who like me, at times may find themselves feeling stifled under the clouds of oppression.

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