Who am I?

Deon Best is a multidisciplinary artist & instructor, his portfolio covers a wide range of artistic mediums, with his current focus – Modern Batik Art. This unique traditional East African style of Fabric Art is as much about the process, as it is the final product. Deon Best is the premiere Modern Batik Artist in Canada located in Brampton, ON. Over the last decade Deon Best has taught 600 students from all backgrounds, ages and skill levels.


Mind Jungle by Deon Best



Deon Best has an immense passion for animals & nature, he connects to their harmony within our world. His art invites audiences to challenge their minds and inspire their hearts, this passion is expressed through his designs. Deon Best continues his mission to EngageEmpower, and Inspire people through creative expressions!



Modern Batik Art

Modern Batik is a refined Ugandan, East African technique where wax is applied to fabric using water-soluble dyes. The effect that can be achieved through resistant dyeing often results in amazing, unpredictable textures and tones. The main goal, when working with Modern Batik art, is to enjoy the medium and allow the versatility of wax and dyes to reveal itself gradually on fabric. Modern Batik allows for personal mentorship, artistic discovery, creativity, and self-expression. Additionally, this technique is an effective strategy that is engaging and therapeutic to participants of all ages and skill levels.


Midnight Reign @ Deon Best - Modern Batik Art